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Affordable Thanksgiving Table Runner

Where I live there is absolutely no where to shop and when I looked online they wanted outrageous amounts for a nice table runner. Thats when I decided to make my own and let me tell you it turned out way nicer then I would have guessed.

Brown table runner

I wanted a table runner that would easily wipe clean and would protect the table. This brown vegan table runner was the perfect fit and very cost effective. You can also use it for the entire season and switch out the table décor by utilizing the plate pumpkins.

Italian ruscus greenery

Italian ruscus greenery can be found at your local nursery or you can order artificial online if you would like to use it in other projects again. Easy to shape and fluff full Italian ruscus can also be used for bouquets, floral arrangements, arch and of course as table décor.

What fruit to use

You can use any fruit you like of course. For mine I used all fall colours to tie it all together. I love how bright it all looks and seeing fruit just naturally makes you happy. Here is a list if you would like to do the same!

  • Red grapes - 1 bag was plenty for this 6 ft table

  • BOSC Pears - I used 3 for this Thanksgiving tablescape - you can use any kind of pear you like but this variety has more of a fall colour look to it

  • Pomegranate - 2 cut in half. These do drip so be careful on transport from the cutting board :)

  • Orange - one cut in half

  • Red delicious apples - 2 kept whole

Place down the centre making eachside the same as in if bent in half is a mirror image of each other for balance. Add pumpkins and candles if you would like to see your tablescape a little more full.

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